DIY work desk

The truth is, sometimes it takes me months to finally write a post on projects we’ve accomplished around the house. You may remember awhile back, me sharing some photos on Instagram of a table my husband and I were making. We actually created it to be a work desk for my office! To this day, it is one of my favorite pieces we’ve ever made!!

DIY office desk

This DIY work desk is the perfect piece for my office and allows me to have the adequate amount of working space I need for things like my sewing machine, printer and silhouette! And lucky you, I’m sharing how we made it today 😉

We headed to Lowe’s and purchased a clear kiln-dried aspen panel that measured 24″w X 72″l for the top, 3 spruce pine furring strips that measure 1″ X 8ft., and 2 spruce pine furring strips that measured 2.5″ X 8ft.. Previous to starting our project we purchased oak wood table legs from Amazon here, but you can purchase similar from Lowe’s here. Once home, we began to assemble the table! Choose a side for the top and bottom of the aspen panel. Make sure you have a sturdy work station. In our case, we used to saw horses to rest the panel on. Please excuse our messy garage!! Next, take a strip of the 1″ furring strips, measure it to length of the panel and cut, continue for each side. Using your nail gun, nail each piece into place. The top side of the table will be flat, but the bottom will have a bit of a lip. Get your table legs and position them to your desired location on the bottom of the panel. Using an angel, drill and screw into place. Grab your 2.5″ furring strip and measure between each leg, cut to size and screw into place. Using some extra 1″ furring strips, create some stability for the table by using short screws and screwing equally the length of the panel. Flip your piece over and relish in it’s beauty!!

Make sure everything is even and there are no screws popping through. Using filler, begin to fill your nail holes. Once dry, use a sanding block and sand until smooth. I used a dark walnut stain I already had and stained the entire piece. Once that was dry, I made a mixture of white paint and water for whitewashing. I love using the whitewashing technique because it gives it a worn, rustic look! Work in small areas when whitewashing. Simply brush it on, allow it to sit for a few seconds and wipe it off with a clean white towel. Continue this for the entire piece. The longer you allow the whitewash to sit, the more the piece will absorb the color.

DIY office desk

I am just tickled with how the finished product turned out! It’s truly a beautiful piece to see in person and it looks so expensive!!

So what do you think? Thank you for stopping by! Be sure to stop by next week, I’m sharing how I made the french-inspired drop cloth skirt!

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DIY work desk

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