The Most Popular Bag Types for Men in 2023

What we carry says a lot about who we are. And in 2023, the types of bags men choose are as diverse as they are practical. From classic leather briefcases to the trendy canvas laptop backpack, there’s a style to suit every man’s needs. Here are the five most popular bag types for men in 2023.

Crossbody Bags

The crossbody bag is a convenient, stylish choice that tops the list. This bag is lightweight and comfortable, with a strap that crosses the body for a secure fit. It is ideal for daily use and offers enough space for essentials like wallets, phones, and keys. It’s perfect for men who prefer a laid-back, casual style.

Leather Briefcases

Even in the digital age, the traditional leather briefcase symbolizes professionalism. With a sleek design and durable build, leather briefcases are a mainstay for businessmen. These cases provide ample space for documents, laptops, and other essentials. A well-crafted leather briefcase exudes confidence and elegance.

Canvas Laptop Backpack

In 2023, the canvas laptop backpack is not just for students anymore. It’s become an everyday item for professionals and travelers alike. Made with durable canvas, these backpacks protect laptops and offer plenty of room for other items. Their comfortable, balanced load distribution makes them a preferred choice for men on the go. With various compartments for easy organization, the canvas laptop backpack is a stylish, practical solution for carrying your world.

Popular Bag Types for Men

Messenger Bags

With a design combining the best crossbody bags and briefcases, the messenger bag is a favorite among many men. Whether in rich leather or rugged canvas, messenger bags are ideal for those who need easy access to their items. Their spacious interiors and various pockets provide an excellent balance of style and functionality.

Gym Duffle Bags

Health and fitness continue to be a priority for many men, and the gym duffle bag reflects this trend. It’s perfect for the active man, with ample room for workout clothes, shoes, and small exercise equipment. Gym duffle bags are practical and durable and made from robust materials that withstand regular use.


The bags men choose in 2023 are not just about carrying things; they’re about expressing personality and meeting diverse needs. Whether it’s the functional canvas laptop backpack or the sophisticated leather briefcase, each popular bag type offers a unique blend of style and practicality. So, choose a bag that suits both your needs and your style because, in 2023, there’s a bag for every man.

The Style Guide to Wearing a Rose Gold Apple Watch Band

Rose gold is undeniably a unique color for an apple watch band. However, most people are afraid of choosing this option because they don’t know how to style it with other clothes and accessories. On the contrary, rose gold is one of the most versatile color options in the fashion industry. It blends well with all skin tones and a wide range of colors. It also matches with formal and casual wear. Therefore, it should be easy for you to style it.

If you want to buy apple watch band for rose gold and you don’t know what to wear it with. Below we have compiled a couple of tips to help you style and wear a rose gold apple watch band.

Wearing a Rose Gold Apple Watch Band

Casual Wear

A rose gold apple watch band can be styled to suit all occasions, including casual wear. You can rock this hue with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Rose fold blends really well with natural colors. Therefore, if you are styling a casual outfit, go for a black or blue pair of jeans with your rose gold apple watch band. As for the t-shirt, you can play around with neutral colors such as black, white, brown and gray.

Because rose gold tends to pop out. It will complement your casual wear. This hue will also add some complexness to a simple casual outfit.

Formal Wear

For formal outfits, rose gold also looks good when worn with dark-colored suits. This applies to both men and women. This apple watch band color radiates a sense of power and uniqueness. It will, therefore, add some charm to your formal outfit and break the monotony.

Extra Accessories and Jewelry

If you love wearing accessories, then a rose gold apple watch band won’t be the only thing on your body. Below are some accessory combinations that look stunning when combined with rose gold apple watch bands;

• Silver Jewelry: One would assume that a rose gold apple watch band would clash with silver jewelry such as earrings and bracelets. But these two create a remarkable contrast. Silver features cooler tones which complement the warm tones of rose gold. Whether it’s a casual or formal outfit, don’t be afraid to add some silver alongside your rose gold apple watch band.

• Rose Gold Jewelry: If you are not a fan of mix and matches, you can play it safe by wearing extra accessories in a similar rose gold hue. Your outfit will make a bold personal statement when all your accessories are rose gold. Such a dress code evokes drama and confidence.

Is a Rose Gold Apple Watch Band Suitable for Men and Women?

Gone are the days when specific colors were assigned to different genders. Today, any man or woman can wear a rose gold apple watch band, and they would look amazing. Rose gold is a soft, dark and golden shade of hue. It, therefore, comprises a touch of both femininity and masculinity. Gender should be the last thing on your mind when styling a rose gold apple watch band.

You Can Never Go Wrong with a Rose Gold Apple Watch Band

Rose gold is currently the trendiest color for apple watch bands because you can wear it with anything. From formal to casual, this hue will blend well with other colors and complement your outfit.

Elegant Thanksgiving Tablescape

Hello there! It’s a pleasure to have you here today! As much as I am ready to bust out all of the Christmas decor and start decorating, I want to take a little time to reflect on just how thankful I am! I think it’s important that we don’t lose site of Thanksgiving and what it signifies! There is absolutely nothing wrong with decorating for Christmas early (and believe me, I will be!), but I also want to take some time to focus on the Holiday we celebrate this month first! Today I will be sharing with you my elegant Thanksgiving tablescape!

Thanksgiving tablescape

We hosted a Halloween costume party with friends and the following day my Halloween decor was packed up and out of site! My little one and I headed to the store and picked up some beautiful, fresh flowers! I will be sharing the tutorial for making this gorgeous, elegant centerpiece over at Fantabulosity later this month, so stay tuned for that! My obsession with eucalyptus continues, as I incorporated it as the centerpiece in this tablescape! While we were at the grocery, we also picked up three gorgeous red anjou pears, aren’t they lovely? I used mini white pumpkins I already had and also incorporated a stunning mix of mercury glass, votives and a copper mercury glass hurricane I recently bought! I really wanted to create a light, elegant setup using copper and earthy tones.

A few weeks back while shopping at Sur La Table, I spotted an adorable ivory and copper paper table runner on clearance. I bought it and based my entire design off of that! I love it when one specific item sparks the design for an entire tablescape! I can’t wait to show you this tablescape, so let’s get to it!

Thanksgiving tablescape

So what do you think of how this unexpected mix turned out? Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful week!

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Shop Online for the Right Apple Watch Band for Your Wrist

As you prepare to purchase Apple Watch, you should consider the present apple watch band options and the wrist size that gives an ideal fit. You will come through many bands which require specific sizing while others fit well in the different wrists. This is a guide that will take you in the different Apple Watch bands you would ever wish to come across.

Measure the Wrist

As you select the band, always ensure you get to measure the wrist. Whenever there is a cloth tape on one’s hand, it is best to wrap it in the wrist and acquire an ideal band size. In case you lack a tape measure cloth, it is best to pick on a string and thus wrap it in your wrist. Also, get to use a standard flat ruler or flat tape. The role of the tape is to help measure the string part which fits in the wrist in the right manner. Also, ensure you measure the measuring tape or a string that does not bring errors in the course of making measurements.

Size of Apple Watch

Apple gives Apple Watch Series in 45mm/44mm/42mm and 41mm/40mm/38mm sizes as you will see when you Check out these 10 Best Apple Watch Bands For Big Wrists. The main step involves making a selection of the Apple Watch with the right size. With a smaller wrist, it is best to pick on the Apple Watch which is a smaller option. Also, the larger wrist will require to use bigger models. These apple 38/40/41mm watch models have been designed in a manner that they have a 130 to 200mm wrist size.

Individual Sizing and Band Options of Apple Watch

With an ideal Apple Watch size, you will delve into the different bands which come with the best kind of fit. Besides, you will have a look at the materials that the different bands and the nature in which they feel while put on the wrist. Different Apple Watch bands come in different sizes. Besides, it is not all the bands that are compatible with the different models. For instance, the modern buckle is limited to the use of the 41mm, 40mm and 38mm models.

Braided Solo Loop and Solo Loop

The braided solo loop and solo loop are two types of bands that have no kind of clasp. Besides, the bands come in twelve different sizes rather than the use of an adjustable clasp or loop. As a result, there is a great need for one to measure the bands in the right manner. For you to result with experience watch models which are smaller and compatible with the different bands, take your time. It is quite tricky for any person to acquire the right fit on different bands. For you to get an error-free experience, ensure you visit sharkwatchband site and this way you will determine what is best for your different needs.

Leather Link Watch Band

Leather Link

A band that comes from leather consists of a wraparound fit. The band end is secured with the aid of molded and flexible magnets. This fit is quite different from sport loop and it has leather materials rather than woven nylon. Since it is made of leather, it is best for use as one exercises especially in water. This way, you will ensure you never get to subject it to the presence of sweat.

Modern Buckle

This is a product which is made of leather materials. Besides, this product is much smaller. In the case of compatibility, it has great compatibility with the 44 and 45mm larger apple watches. Besides, the modern buckle contains a buckle clasp that fits well with different bands. As a result, there is a great need to ensure you purchase the size which is appropriate for the wrist size. The main sizes are three and the smallest measures 135mm.

Milanese Loop

You will find that the Milanese loop consists of a stainless steel mesh which comes with a wraparound design that is much similar to the Sport Loop. Similar to other Apple Watch bands, their size kicks off at 130mm. Also, there is a great need for one to note the Apple Watch bands which are smaller have a 200mm topping. In the case where one has a larger wrist, you will find the Milanese Loop to be much smaller.


With all the different bands in the market, the best fit is one that matches your size. Thus, Check out these 10 Best Apple Watch Bands For Big Wrists to determine the best for you. The major watch bands entail the Solo Braided Loop and the Solo Loop stretch. With these two kinds of bands, you will determine the size which is best for you.

Apple Watch is indispensable for every sports enthusiast

Apple Watch is indispensable for every sports enthusiast. In fact, with all of the advanced technical gadgets on the market today, the sports addict can pick and choose the technologies that are best for you and your diet and exercise program. This is especially the case for you who are looking for the best ways to track and monitor your progress.

With that said,, if you want to invest in an Apple watch that’s loaded with great options and an exceptionally customizable sports band, here are a few things that you should know.

Apple Watch for sports enthusiast

  1. Fully Customizable Sport Apple Watch Band Designed Especially for the Sports Enthusiast

When you are purchasing your Apple watch, you may want to do your research first. Actually, you may want to start your research by reviewing how this sports watch band works. For instance, Apple has designed their sports apple watch band to fasten easily with use of a magnetic fastening system. This fastening system is made with a metal element on the inside of the band. Therefore, when the wearer of the band is connecting both sides of the band together, the metal part will automatically be sucked into the indent of the watch. On the flipside, whenever the person wants to take the watch band off, they can press the corresponding button to automatically release the band from its connection. Unlike the traditional sports watch bands, Apple makes it simple to put their watch bands on as well as take their watch bands off with ease.

You will also enjoy the interchangeable features in this watch, especially when it comes to the appearance. For instance, if you want to match the colors of your watch band with the colors of your outfit, this is also easy to do without paying a lot of extra money for a new sport watch. This is because Apple offers their watch bands in a wide range of different colors, including seasonal color options.

  1. Check Your Progress

For those who enjoy exercising at the gym, at home or even in the park, you may want to check your progress every morning or every afternoon. By checking how far you have walked and how many calories that you have burned up, you will know exactly how much progress you are making daily, weekly or monthly. In fact, you do not have to worry about guessing or overestimating how many times you have walked around the track in your neighborhood. Instead, it will be easy to see how much progress you are making at any given time by looking down at your watch’s tracker . Also, when you begin to lose weight, it can also motivate you to do more exercises.

  1. Monitors Your Heart Rate to Keep You From Overdoing or Pushing Yourself too Hard

If you are the type of person who will not stop exercising until you have spent several hours participating in different types of sports, the special features in the apple watch have been designed with you and your needs in mind. Therefore, if you want to keep your heart rate in check, you can use this feature to monitor your heart rate.

Since your heart rate determines if you are getting good cardio exercise, you can raise your heart rate by doing the right types of activities. For instance, you may want to run fast outdoors or keep up a good fast pace when you are on your treadmill. Whatever the case, you can always keep an accurate account of what is going on at all times. This is also one of the most effective ways of keeping track of the cardio exercises that you do, and how to keep heart rate up for longer periods of time.


There is a lot that you can do when you invest in an apple watch that has been designed specifically for the sports addict. With this type of watch on your wrist, you can monitor all kinds of different sports activities and exercises. From tracking how many miles that you have run on your neighborhood track to checking your heart beat to see if you are doing the right types of cardio, the Apple Watch is indispensable for every sports enthusiast.

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