Summer to Fall mantel

Hey you! It’s such a pleasure to have you here today! I’m going to be discussing little ways to take your Summer mantel and transition it to Fall! I know, Fall doesn’t officially begin until September 23rd this year, but who can wait that long to decorate?


A constant around our home is fresh flowers! It’s one of the simplest ways to add character to, otherwise, neutral decor. Grabbing a fresh bouquet from the local grocer or farmers market is a good way to start! Once you’re home, create definition in your arrangements by unwrapping the entire bouquet, starting with larger, longer blooms first. Give the arrangement a fuller feeling by cutting the stems at different lengths. I like to split my bouquets up into numerous containers (even if they’re little!). Cutting off short blooms or extra foliage, looks beautiful when placed in a small votive.


Since we’re discussing how to transition into Fall, opt for flowers or colors that represent that season. In this particular arrangement, I chose a beautiful, fresh bouquet that included yellow, maroon and orange. It was a lively mix and I incorporated some silver dollar eucalyptus for more definition.

Now comes the fun part: creating a vignette! It is a lot of fun playing with different items and making them come together to create something beautiful! I love creating little vignettes places around my house. I find myself admiring them often! For this mantel design, I simply paired books wrapped in kraft paper (which are my go-to, I love them!), vintage books, candles and a cozy blanket. All those lovely items equals total eye-candy!! Have fun playing with your design. Create prominence with items by placing a stack of books beneath it or resting against it. Step out of your comfort zone a little, and you will no doubt, create something beautiful!

This mantel, may or may not, hold me off for decorating for Fall just a bit longer 😉 I hope that you enjoyed this post and I hope you have a lovely week!

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Back to school vignette

We’ve got our school supply lists in hand, shopping trip planned and back to school on the brain! So, I got to thinking, why not make a cute little back to school vignette? Who doesn’t love a good vignette? Super simple elements create an adorable presentation!

back to school

I’m pretty much obsessed with how this turned out! It reminds me of a vintage school theme, and I love it! I scored these kraft paper pennants as a pack from Marshall’s for $1.99. They’re great because it’s a blank canvas, you can make them into whatever you want! I freehanded a few alphabet cards, added it to some twine and just like that I had a banner! I also finally gave in and bought this 9- slot cubby from Target. I’ve been eyeing it for awhile now and decided to snag it for my son’s “big boy” room makeover! Until then, it’s displaying all these cute goodies!

This display is simple to achieve, an apple (signature back to school item 😉 ), alphabet banner, chalkboard, vintage ledger and a couple of no.2 pencils!

Back to school vignette

And now we’re off to go buy our school supplies!! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a great day!

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Ikea Rast Dresser Hack

Hey friends! I’m so happy you’re here today! It felt so good to get back into working on projects and doing what I love! I had the pleasure of making over an ikea rast dresser hack! I can’t wait to share with you how it turned out!

Who says you can’t take a simple ikea rast dresser and make it into your own? I’m here to show you today, just how easy it can be! Take a simple wood dresser, and turn it into your favorite piece of decor! I knew as soon as I got it, that I wanted to give it a makeover to fit in with my son’s industrial themed bedroom! I already had a design in mind, so I just went with it!

Ikea rast dresser hack

The first thing I did was give the piece a nice coat of stain. I used minx in dark walnut. From the picture below, it looks a bit splotchy, but it dried evenly. I wasn’t too worried about the splotchy-ness because I was going to be covering it with white chalk paint.

Ikea rast dresser hack

After letting the stain dry completely, I gave it a good coat of folkart chalk paint in white adirondack. Allow the first coat to completely dry. Before applying the next coat, lightly sand the first coat of paint using a sanding block. This is very important so that your paint is smooth and ready for the next coat of paint!

Did I mention lightly sanding? 😉

Apply your second coat of paint and allow to try.

Since I was going with an industrial theme, I knew I wanted big numbers to number each drawer. I simply printed out numbers I easily created on PicMonkey and printed them out. Also grab a piece of chalk, pencil, tape and paint pen. One of my favorite and go-to techniques to easily paint on wood, is simply tracing the image from the print. To start, simply grab your printed image, flip it over and brush the chalk over the entire image. Place the image in your desired spot on the wood (chalk side down), tape into place and grab your pencil to simply trace over the image (or in my case, a number!). Once you remove the paper, the chalky image will be left behind! Now you can grab your paint pen and go to town! I did this for all three drawers.

Ikea rast dresser hack

Ikea rast dresser hack

Ikea rast dresser hack

Ikea rast dresser hack

When your paint pen image is completely dry, sand any places with a sanding block that you want to appear “worn”. If you’re finished with your piece, use a clear wax to seal it! Allow the wax to dry before adding hardware.

I chose beautiful, antiqued cup pulls from Hickory Hardware for this dresser hardware. It was just the touch the dresser needed to give it that industrial look!

Ikea rast dresser hack

Ikea rast dresser hack

Ikea rast dresser hack

I’m really pleased with how it turned out! I feel like I captured the industrial look I was going for! It will be perfect for little odds and ends in our finished basement!

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my ikea rast dresser hack!!

Fall Centerpiece

Hey there friend 🙂 How are you today? I’m excited you’re here! I hope each of you have a wonderful week this week! I have been on cloud 9 decorating for Fall so far! I was absolutely tickled to find a local farm market had pumpkins when we went last week (I’ve been twice now 😉 ). But shh, don’t tell my husband!

Fall decor

I love how easy it is to create a beautiful Fall centerpiece by incorporating natural elements. The markets are full of cabbages, pumpkins, pears, squash and more! Use those unexpected items to create something breathtaking! Choose a color or theme you want for the season and keep it consistent throughout your design. For instance, I love the blue/green, white pumpkins and acorn squash. I love how they all look together and all produce a similar look. I also snagged a head of cabbage for just over a $1, which looks great with this mixture as well!

Folks, I really didn’t do anything spectacular here.. I simply arranged these beautiful pieces and added a few mercury glass votives. Now, tell me that isn’t easy enough? I will be adding more and staging the table as well, but as for now I’m enjoying this simple beauty <3

Fall decor

Fall decor

Fall decor

Thank you so much for stopping by! Come back again soon 🙂

Finding Inspiration…

I truly believe we all go through seasons…. seasons of becoming, seasons of growth, seasons of drought and seasons of uncertainty. Like most of us, the typical cliche outlook for a new year, is to be better than we were before… try new things, get rid of things from our lives that don’t complete us or make us better, be more present, have a lasting effect in this world. Am I right? It seems like in no time at all, we lose sight of those “resolutions”.

I will be the first to admit that resolutions or self- pressure can be a little overwhelming. Instead of looking at it as something that “has to be done”, look at it more as a mind-set change. Wake up daily and look at the positive. A beautiful, new morning! All the blessings you have. What you’re thankful for. And thank God for those things out loud while you’re getting ready for the day or taking a shower. Verbalize your gratefulness.

Finding Inspiration

It’s amazing what those little changes can do to our mindset for the day! Start by making gradual changes each day, each week or even each month. This is YOUR life, you are in control and there is no rush. Breathe. Girl, you got this! You are SO worth this change you’ve been longing for!!

With that being said, that brings me to the topic of finding inspiration. It’s hard to find inspiration when you are in a place of uncertainty. And when I say uncertainty, I mean finding your place in this big world. As a home decor blogger, I have changed so many things around my house time and time again. I have done many DIY projects. I have shared my favorite recipes. You name it, I’ve done it! There are so many amazing people out there that do the same things I do and sometimes I feel less than. I know it’s silly, but it’s a feeling I know a lot of us get in one way or another.

I have struggled with finding inspiration after the holidays this year. And that brings me to the question… What do you want to see from me this year in 2020? What type of content would you like me to share on the blog?

More home projects? More DIY? More home decor finds & antiques?

I want to hear from you! Having a little direction will give me inspiration!

Farmhouse Shabby Chic Christmas

Hello there beautiful, how are you? I’m excited (as always!), that you’re here today! Guess what? I’m sharing with you my office Christmas tree- farmhouse shabby chic Christmas! It’s the perfect touch of feminine and chic! I’m sort of obsessed with it!! Kick off your shoes, grab a cozy blanket and make yourself comfy!

farmhouse shabby chic Christmas

I wish I could capture the gorgeous, steady snowfall outside right now! It makes this pink, chic design that much more fun! I know most people think I’m crazy, but I love snow in the month of December! It makes this time of the year, all that more magical! Plus, I celebrate my birthday mid month and always wish for a white Christmas!

I was really excited to decorate my office tree with pink, white and gold this year! It’s just the right touch of shabby chic and feminine and I’m totally loving how it all looks together! What girly-girl doesn’t want a tree to match with her style!

farmhouse shabby chic Christmas

Since I can remember, I’ve also always been in love with animal print, so my beautiful pillow case and funky animal print bag dress this design up even more! Not to mention, my super comfy large faux fur rug, makes this space ready for a little snuggling!

I’m wishing you a very Merry Christmas friends. <3

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