black bomber jacket

How the black bomber jacket changed men’s fashion style

Some fashion trends may only last a couple of years or a few generations at the most. In fact, based on how well a particular style or fashion is embraced, you may never see a particular trend ever again.

On the flipside, another fashion trend may be ignited quickly and the fire may never go out. Fortunately, this is normally true when the style can be worn comfortably by virtually anyone, including adults, teens, young kids and babies. So, if you want to know more about mens black bomber jacket trends, this article will provide more information on topics like, how the mens black bomber jacket changed men’s fashion style.

First of all, if you think about the best fashion trends that you see in the fashion industry today, you may immediately notice that many men are joining in on wearing the black bomber jacket as a fashion statement. Though the bomber jacket was never really meant to be a trend that men in aviation and outside of the aviation world would follow so faithfully, it has become a jacket that can be worn in so many different venues. It is a clothing item that is worth its notoriety, particularly since it has had its roots traced back to the older air force days. Therefore, one of the top questions is, what is the history behind the black bomber jacket and what is projected for the future.

black bomber jacket

Black Bomber Jacket : Made for Airforce Wear Only

For those of you who already know about its original intent, you can also say that the name of this jacket and its overall purpose is very obvious to anyone who is paying attention to the name. Simply put, the bomber jacket was worn as flight jackets in the year 1917. This jacket was also accepted and approved by the U.S. Army Aviation Clothing Board. Because these jackets were well insulated and warm, it was ideal for situations that involved open-air cockpits. And, most people will remember this jacket in many movies as iconic, especially since it looked good on virtually any man in the military that wore a bomber jacket.

Crossed Over to Civilian Wear

Yes, the look of this bomber jacket was not only a success in the military ranks, it begin to do very well in civilian life over the years as well. And, it has become a staple in the mens trendy fashion world. Therefore, the crossover has appeared to be seamlessly made into various subcultures, including emerging into many youth movements as common streetwear.

Timeless Essential Part of a Man’s Wardrobe – Extremely Functional

You should also know the current status of the black bomber jacket today. Since it is no longer considered to be a part of trendy fashion, it is now known as a timeless piece and an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. Therefore, you can find a black bomber jacket in some retail stores for a relatively good price for outer wear. This is primarily because the black bomber jacket can be used for its ease in functionality. For instance, the bomber jacket was designed to keep airmen warm in the coldest frigid weather. So, there was a fleece lining that was included in its overall design. As a result, the fleece lining can be removed easily whenever the need arises. For instance, if bomber jacket is too hot to wear on a cool day, the lining can be removed easily to accommodate for the temperature changes. And, the same is true for the colder days that many men are concerned about since the fleece lining can be added to the jacket to keep the person warm.

Present mens black bomber jacket Trends and Fashion

The present trends are also opening a wide range of different opportunities, especially for men who are using the black bomber jacket to build a fashionable wardrobe. That said, here are some of the questions that may be asked, especially if men are trying to achieve a certain look or style.

How can men style their black bomber jacket?

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  • What type of clothing items go with a bomber jacket? (i.e. tee shirts, pull over sweaters etc.)
  • How do you style a bomber jacket in 2022?


The bomber jacket is a favorite for many men across the globe. Even though its initial creation was meant solely for military wear, over the years there has been a relatively seamless crossover into civilian life. Therefore, because of its overall looks and functionality, it is now a staple in many men’s wardrobe today.

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