Year: 2023

The Most Popular Bag Types for Men in 2023

What we carry says a lot about who we are. And in 2023, the types of bags men choose are as diverse as they are practical. From classic leather briefcases to the trendy canvas laptop backpack, there’s a style to suit every man’s needs. Here are the five most popular bag types for men in 2023.

Crossbody Bags

The crossbody bag is a convenient, stylish choice that tops the list. This bag is lightweight and comfortable, with a strap that crosses the body for a secure fit. It is ideal for daily use and offers enough space for essentials like wallets, phones, and keys. It’s perfect for men who prefer a laid-back, casual style.

Leather Briefcases

Even in the digital age, the traditional leather briefcase symbolizes professionalism. With a sleek design and durable build, leather briefcases are a mainstay for businessmen. These cases provide ample space for documents, laptops, and other essentials. A well-crafted leather briefcase exudes confidence and elegance.

Canvas Laptop Backpack

In 2023, the canvas laptop backpack is not just for students anymore. It’s become an everyday item for professionals and travelers alike. Made with durable canvas, these backpacks protect laptops and offer plenty of room for other items. Their comfortable, balanced load distribution makes them a preferred choice for men on the go. With various compartments for easy organization, the canvas laptop backpack is a stylish, practical solution for carrying your world.

Popular Bag Types for Men

Messenger Bags

With a design combining the best crossbody bags and briefcases, the messenger bag is a favorite among many men. Whether in rich leather or rugged canvas, messenger bags are ideal for those who need easy access to their items. Their spacious interiors and various pockets provide an excellent balance of style and functionality.

Gym Duffle Bags

Health and fitness continue to be a priority for many men, and the gym duffle bag reflects this trend. It’s perfect for the active man, with ample room for workout clothes, shoes, and small exercise equipment. Gym duffle bags are practical and durable and made from robust materials that withstand regular use.


The bags men choose in 2023 are not just about carrying things; they’re about expressing personality and meeting diverse needs. Whether it’s the functional canvas laptop backpack or the sophisticated leather briefcase, each popular bag type offers a unique blend of style and practicality. So, choose a bag that suits both your needs and your style because, in 2023, there’s a bag for every man.

The Style Guide to Wearing a Rose Gold Apple Watch Band

Rose gold is undeniably a unique color for an apple watch band. However, most people are afraid of choosing this option because they don’t know how to style it with other clothes and accessories. On the contrary, rose gold is one of the most versatile color options in the fashion industry. It blends well with all skin tones and a wide range of colors. It also matches with formal and casual wear. Therefore, it should be easy for you to style it.

If you want to buy apple watch band for rose gold and you don’t know what to wear it with. Below we have compiled a couple of tips to help you style and wear a rose gold apple watch band.

Wearing a Rose Gold Apple Watch Band

Casual Wear

A rose gold apple watch band can be styled to suit all occasions, including casual wear. You can rock this hue with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Rose fold blends really well with natural colors. Therefore, if you are styling a casual outfit, go for a black or blue pair of jeans with your rose gold apple watch band. As for the t-shirt, you can play around with neutral colors such as black, white, brown and gray.

Because rose gold tends to pop out. It will complement your casual wear. This hue will also add some complexness to a simple casual outfit.

Formal Wear

For formal outfits, rose gold also looks good when worn with dark-colored suits. This applies to both men and women. This apple watch band color radiates a sense of power and uniqueness. It will, therefore, add some charm to your formal outfit and break the monotony.

Extra Accessories and Jewelry

If you love wearing accessories, then a rose gold apple watch band won’t be the only thing on your body. Below are some accessory combinations that look stunning when combined with rose gold apple watch bands;

• Silver Jewelry: One would assume that a rose gold apple watch band would clash with silver jewelry such as earrings and bracelets. But these two create a remarkable contrast. Silver features cooler tones which complement the warm tones of rose gold. Whether it’s a casual or formal outfit, don’t be afraid to add some silver alongside your rose gold apple watch band.

• Rose Gold Jewelry: If you are not a fan of mix and matches, you can play it safe by wearing extra accessories in a similar rose gold hue. Your outfit will make a bold personal statement when all your accessories are rose gold. Such a dress code evokes drama and confidence.

Is a Rose Gold Apple Watch Band Suitable for Men and Women?

Gone are the days when specific colors were assigned to different genders. Today, any man or woman can wear a rose gold apple watch band, and they would look amazing. Rose gold is a soft, dark and golden shade of hue. It, therefore, comprises a touch of both femininity and masculinity. Gender should be the last thing on your mind when styling a rose gold apple watch band.

You Can Never Go Wrong with a Rose Gold Apple Watch Band

Rose gold is currently the trendiest color for apple watch bands because you can wear it with anything. From formal to casual, this hue will blend well with other colors and complement your outfit.

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